Jenna Schwartz


Jenna grew up in Ohio where she enjoyed a creative upbringing in music, writing and more, and after attending college planted herself down in Nevada with Sam.

Her creative endeavors transitioned her from a 9-5 lifestyle to entrepreneurship, where she has spent 7 years growing and crafting an award winning portrait photography studio. Business ownership gave her a chance to focus on the art of SEO, blogging and social media for her business, learning how to master unique content for both conversion, engagement and search engine optimization. She grew to enjoy marketing, where her blogging work for SEO has ranked over 500 websites for local niches, and she has performed SEO and social media work for various clients such as Boulder Sausage, Survival Life, and American Hat Makers.

Jenna grew up in the midst of a three generation family business, allowing her the ability to truly dive in and see what it meant to not only run a successful business, but connect with end consumers on a personal, relatable level. She watched customers turn into friends and relationships grow that were far beyond monetary value, seeing the true meaning in intention for helping a client succeed.

When Jenna is not working in marketing, she focuses on expanding her creative skills with the camera, enjoys reading books, cuddling with her two cats, and spending time with her little family of her husband Sam and stepson Max.

Sam Schwartz

sam-schwartzAfter completing his undergraduate collegiate studies in Pre-Med and Fine Art while playing soccer and lacrosse, Sam went on to play soccer as a professional in both Mexico and Germany in the late 1980’s.

He returned to the US, was awarded his PhD, and began his career as a designer and civilian consultant to the US Military with an emphasis on profiling.

After retiring from this aspect of his career Dr. Schwartz used his newly achieved MBA in Online Marketing to engage many Fortune 500 and entertainment companies as a Marketing consultant. Ford R&D, Amazon, Yahoo, Porsche, BMW, Franklin Mint, 1800Flowers, Wells Fargo, Frank Sinatra, and even Michael Jackson utilized Sam’s sales and marketing expertise to achieve exceptional results.

“With all that I have accomplished in life, it is still my biggest joy to see my clients businesses thriving and growing.” – Sam Schwartz

As the Internet evolved Sam used his experience with these types of companies to consult and instruct profitable practices in: SEO, Online Marketing, Website Design, Social Media Marketing, PPC Advertising, and Email Marketing.

  • Dr. Sam Schwartz co-holds the all time affiliate sales record… selling $1.2 million in product, online in just 5 days.
  • He has been voted a “Best in the West” by Southwest Magazine for 3 years.
  • Sam has been awarded over 25 different online and offline National Design Awards
  • He has a product package design displayed in the Smithsonian Museum.

Sam is happily married to his wife Jenna and has a great high school aged son Max. Sam has coached High School and Middle School Soccer in Southern California, winning a CIF Championship and now coaches High School Lacrosse in Las Vegas.

If all this isn’t enough, Sam’s hobby is wine and food, where he holds a rare Level-3 Sommelier (wine expert) degree.